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For Employees Support

Great IT Team gives power-steering to the employees who plan to enhance their career in IT sector.  We offer training and technical assistance.  Our technical team will take up your task and ensure the completion while explaining the process of executing every IT task. This mode of interactive working model is the speciality of Great IT Team as we trust in Knowledge Transfer (KT).  Presently we collaborate with Microsoft Dynamics AX, Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Dynamics 365 and ServiceNow to provide technical assistance.  Our mission is to legitimize your IT career and build your IT potential.

Our services are delivered primarily in different formats and these are – Mail support service,  Mail and Phone service, Remote with Live service and client location service.  Find us for clarifications during the execution of projects or project development and we will guide you through with zero-error system.

Our service plans are conveniently arranged for you to be able to access our services for any span of time.  You can choose any plan depending on the volume of project or assistance that you need from time to time. 

Support Service Plan Monthly Quarterly Half-Yearly Annual
Mail Support Service 30 days 3-Months 6-Months 12 Months
Mail and Phone Service 30 days 3-Months 6-Months 12 Months
Remote with Live Service 30 days 3-Months 6-Months 12 Months
Client Location Service 30 days 3-Months 6-Months 12 Months

When you are registered with a plan, our full-time support is extended to you in working on your project or sharing technical knowledge depending on job needs. Great IT Team consists of professional IT architects, analysts and efficient programmers who can train, program, debug and fix software solutions. We assure you timely services coupled with prolonged efficiency in the functioning of projects and development programs. Reach us with your queries and we are here to resolve and assemble suitable and appropriate solutions.