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Dynamics 365

Dynamics 365 Service Consulting

Dynamics 365 extends capabilities of CRM and ERP and works efficiently across several departments of a business that include sales, operations, marketing, financial and customer service. Additionally, building intelligent business applications with Dynamics 365 is also an advantage. Working as a single domain for multiple functions of a business, Dynamics 365 helps in nurturing sales, lead generation, report generation and BI visualization.  For higher profitability, Dynamics 365 is implemented at applicable level in the following areas:

Customer Service

Dynamics 365 provides versatile customer service and creates service level agreements, route Cases, prioritization, distribution, aggregate multiple data sources in a single visual dashboard to assist service representatives. Further it provides customer engagement and delivery of project bills.


Dynamics 365 helps to promote better financial management by managing account receivables, payables, bank reconciliation, fixed asset management and closing of financial year. Additionally, manages contacts, processes payments, sales invoices, general quotes, forecasting, inventory control, project management, shipment, distribution, returns and cancellation.


Dynamics 365 for marketing yield Campaign Management enabling to plan, execute and measure campaigns aligned in different channels from the point of beginning to the final stop and promote customer engagement, powerful sales funnel and lucrative ROI.