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Great IT Team enforces a multi-door business technology services in the sphere of development and support for Microsoft Dynamics AX, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Microsoft Dynamics NAV, SAP, Hybris, DemandWare, Oracle ATG. We also cater our premium quality technical maintenance for ServiceNow for its superior functioning in B2B and B2C businesses specifically for Project Development, Integration, and support.

Consisting of technology professional veterans, certified software architects and business experts, Great IT Team excels with decades of experience and summons titanic software trials and thriving warrants to successfully achieve unique business goals and objectives. Our support rating is distinct and comprehensive.

As we assign special core of significance on the quality of delivery, cost performance and scheduled timing, our technical support reaches our clients in India and overseas SMEs through Mail, Phone, Live (Remote Basis) and Client Location.

Great IT Team consists of certified professionals in ServiceNow. We drive you through the improvement of IT service delivery and we help you in automation and develop innovative strategies. We bring down application backlogs and less development time and costs and eliminate integration boundaries. ServiceNow Platform distributes exponential value with every cloud-native, workflow-based application your stakeholders design. With unique pre-built services and recyclable components, you can quickly build, integrate, and extend your apps to achieve the dynamic requirements of your business. Further, Great IT Team is widely experienced in offering technical support for ServiceNow.

Great IT Team has been contributing extensive overhauling services in Microsoft Dynamics AX for several decades now. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) collaboration in maintenance, support and implementation has been bona fide standard with Great IT Team. Providing resourceful and result-driven services in Microsoft Dynamics AX has been the hallmark of Great IT Team.

Prioritizing Microsoft Dynamics CRM development and support for small and medium enterprises, Great IT Team adheres a cognitive and rationale approach in consulting, planning, analysing and further to implement a suite of solutions. Great IT Team promises to plugin consistent Microsoft Dynamics CRM solutions to widely apply in both internal and external applications applicable in B2B and B2C system operations. Besides implementation, Great IT Team also works to administer data migration along with maintenance and contribution of these solutions. Further, Great IT Team works in pyramidal model and manages version upgrades for your business to accomplish progressive results. Improving customer relations, customer management, tracking engagement, sales and deliver actionable data are achievable with Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Great IT Team has excellent technical expertise in offering Microsoft Dynamics NAV development and support. Microsoft Dynamics NAV is an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software suite ideally designed for mid-sized organizations. The system brings unique and specialized functionality for manufacturing, government, retail, distribution, and several other industries.Microsoft Dynamics NAV provides applications for financial management, human resource management, multiple and international sites, manufacturing, sales, marketing, supply chain management, service management and business intelligence. The functionality is specifically strong in manufacturing and distribution.

Great IT Team keeps a pace with emerging software solutions and the launch of recent Dynamics 365 has also empowered the technical skill set of team to bring effectiveness in development and support while implementing Dynamics 365 for SMEs and commercial ventures.

Microsoft has combined Dynamics CRM and ERP solutions into single cloud-enabled product and the Dynamics 365 Apps are Sales, Customer Service, Project Service Automation, Financials, Marketing and Operations. Dynamics 365 is a brand new service completely cloud-powered that repacks and rebrands several Microsoft Dynamics programs into an offering that combines both. The cloud-enabled Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) project combines the customer relationship management (CRM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) of previous versions of Microsoft Dynamics with more features including Microsoft Flow and Microsoft Power Apps.

The new AX7 is an integral part of Microsoft Dynamics 365 to provide unified experience across business processes.

Great IT Team offers conventional SAP Hybris support for e-commerce entrepreneurs to deliver great customer experiences that help in achieving loyalty. The SAP Hybris built-in omnichannel versatility gives access to engage and transact with your customers anywhere and at any time on any device. SAP Hybris Commerce Cloud and on-premise offerings promote commerce experience ranging from content creation to merchandising to fulfilment.

SAP Hybris support enables practise of a comprehensive approach to cut down complexities and spending less time on integration with the current systems and responding quickly to the changing market conditions. In this process, Great IT Team helps to showcase your products and services to get a personalized and closely relevant experience that will bring back traffic and customers to come back for more. Some of the highlights of Sap Hybris support and deliver high-end results for B2B commerce, B2C commerce, product content and catalog management, creating contextual experiences and contextual merchandising.

Great IT Team provides highly valuable support for Demand Ware which is a fully-hosted service. It works as an attractive prospect as Demand Ware handles entire infrastructure management. Great IT Team professionally assists in implementing Demand Ware for any major site customization. Some of the top benefits of Demand Ware are omnichannel platform bringing e-commerce, POS and order management into one solution.

Great IT Team collaborates with Oracle ATG Web Commerce to deliver personalized online shopping experience for each customer by presenting relevant content and enabling personalized search, merchandising, customized marketing programs and tailored websites. With Oracle ATG in implementation, it allows web commerce capabilities to merchandise more easily and effectively. Further, Oracle ATG helps to create and manage both simple and complex promotions, campaigns, use mobile devices and social media to generate sales and quickly expand business in new countries. Great IT Team works with Oracle ATG for B2B clients and B2C SMEs to choreograph customer journey, maximize engagement by increasing with agility and accelerate data architecture.