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About Us

Great IT Team is a conglomerate of world’s best team possessing high-end proficiency and dexterity in software technology. Owning distinguished top-notch skill and capabilities over Technical and lead generation, we are pioneers in handling herculean tasks for project development, project support, job support, online IT training and certification.

Our software Solution Services spanning across Microsoft Dynamics AX, Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Dynamics 365 and ServiceNow, Salesforce. we administer, superintend, and govern B2B and B2C businesses who include wholesale, retail, start-up, SMEs and small businesses, who are in need of vertical line of solutions to achieve business requirements.

We function as a single stop solution to reach out to market in India and overseas to impart online training specifically in ERP, CRM , Ecommerce and Cloud based solutions  provide Implementation, Migration, development and support services in ServiceNow (Snow), Microsoft Dynamics AX and AX7/V7, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Dynamics 365, SAP Hybris, DemandWare and Oracle ATG to corporate businesses.

While marking stellar performance, Great IT Team leads as a dominant leader in implementing software solutions and we give you the best league of services. With our promising chronology and reassuring maintenance, your business prospers in productivity, stimulate growth, and gains from the adoption of best practices.

Great IT Team is a trusted partner of KBS Training – (For Training Partner) and Karuna IT Services ( For Man Power Consultancy) whose main line of functioning is IT service training and recruitment.

Our unique stature of operations stand beneficial as we give special emphasis for the following:

Industry-specific solutions :

Our vertical solutions address and achieve industry-specific requirements for manufacturing, retail, engineering and distribution sectors.  We incorporate business IT applications that boost the performance of your business.

Adjustable Deployment Options

Our booming deployment of cloud solutions and hosted services for ERP and CRM, our adjustable deployment options bring you advance accuracy levels for your IT strategies, business needs and cost-effective plans.

Territorial Presence and Global Network

Our foray of operations in USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Singapore, Europe Countries, Africa, Greater China, Middle East Asia, Gulf Countries and India are actively extending services to our customers, our network functions globally through alliance network and global centres.

Great IT Team attends to the specific requirements of ServiceNow that does multitasking operations ideally for a commercial enterprise, small business, or medium-sized organization and these include
Service Management
IT Service Management
Business Management
IT operations Management
Application Development
Maintenance, Product upgrades, Data sheet and incident management are top highlighting benefits of ServiceNow.  
We improve your client experience offering quality support and coordinate your current support operations for better growth and alignment with your business needs. Our team of IT specialists with accurate background are working with you 24/7.

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As a comprehensive Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution for SMEs, Microsoft Dynamics AX, boosts workforce efficiency and prepares to complete on a global scale. Simplifying and standardizing the process, Microsoft Dynamics AX enables fast operations across different demographics and regions as it provides the facility of 23 languages across 25 countries.
We at Great Team IT work with a wide variety of industries for higher profitability and cost cutting services. With huge potential experience in deploying ERP systems, we will deliver in-depth analysis for your business. The multiple benefits of competitive advantage and agilebusiness software with flexible architecture enhance your business suite capabilities.  Specifically, MicrosoftDynamics AX is popular for relying on cloud to operate ongoing service and management. It is also designed for quick implementations, changes, add-ons, and updates.

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Great IT Team is specialized in developing and implementing customized Microsoft Dynamics CRM solutions from simple model to a complex architecture spanning automation, system integration and custom development.
Our project team is strong in technology experience and technical skills that is essential organizing business needs. Every team member has distinct set of expertise in software, customization, data management, data integration, configuration, and customization. Certified Microsoft Dynamics CRM professionals process the implementation of CRM.

Working as an effective encyclopaedic, Microsoft Dynamics NAV delivers flexibility to your business and Great IT team aptly provides ERP services to small and midsized organizations. We ensure to produce higher functionalities for your resources to enable you to manage and change whenever required.

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As e-commerce brings unique identification to wholesale and retail businesses to globalize their businesses, selection of e-commerce software has a special significance for your business. Great IT Team with proven valuable experience collaborates with Demand Ware, SAP, Hybris, and Oracle ATG.
Reaching millions of online shoppers, examining consumer psychology, buying behavior and shopping trends are fully revealed through Demand Ware. Alternatively, SAP cloud platform extends its machine learning capabilities for IoT, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence.
Our technical support also extends for Oracle ATG for delivering a personalized online buying experience for your customers by initiating relevant content and accommodating merchandizing, customized marketing programs, personalized search, and tailored websites.
Hybris is also a powerful e-commerce software which is also known as multichannel commerce software solution that integrates product content and this extended channel benefits businesses to create a combined and consistent experience for their customers online, offline in store, and reaches mobile and beyond.